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Check-All Valve assembles all valves to order.  This allows us to configure a valve to your specific application.  However, depending upon component availability, Check-All valves can be assembled to your requirements and ship from our facility within 5 working days(ARO). Please contact the factory or your local representative for complete details on your specific requirements.

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What Is My Part Number?

    Each valve style part number consists of 7 sections:

  1. Valve Style
  2. Size
  3. Body Material
  4. Seat Material
  5. Spring Cracking Pressure
  6. Spring Material
  7. Special Options

By choosing the proper combinations from the various sections you can create and customize the best possible valve for your application. Using the HOW TO ORDER page for each individual Check-All valve style, you will be able to compile a part number to reference when placing an order or even discussing your specific application's requirements. Lets take a look at how to use each section and essentially build a valve and part number for your application's need.

  1. Valve Style- This section contains the 1st and 2nd place holders of the P/N.
  2. The style code is designated by the styles body type. CN = Connector, BU = Bushing, U3 = Universal Low Pressure, and SC = Sanitary Cartridge are just some examples of how to decide the first two digits for your part. See your valves How to Order section for more specific information regarding your choice.

    Lets build as we go: U3

  3. Size - This section contains the 3rd place holder for the P/N.
  4. The size is designated by a single letter of the alphabet ranging from A = 1/8 to W = 20". Each style is only offered in certain sizes so be sure to check the How to Order for your particular valve style or consult with a Check-All Valve sales representative for more specific information regarding sizing.

    Lets build as we go: U3J

  5. Body Material - This section contains the 4th & 5th place holders of Check-All Valve P/N.
  6. The body code is made up of a 2 place code from the body material type. A2 = Alloy 20, BR = Brass, CS = Carbon Steel are just some examples. Material selection for a specific application is the responsibility of the customer. Please consult the factory for a more complete material list.

    Lets build as we go: U3JBR

  7. Seat Material - This section contains place holders 6 & 7 for the P/N.
  8. The seat code is made up of a 2 place code from the seat material type. BN = Buna-N, EP = EPDM, PTFE = TF,
    VT = Viton® or MT = Metal-to Metal. All valve seats can be supplied either with an o-ring (soft seat) or without an
    o-ring (metal-to-metal seat). Whether the valve body is metal or plastic, the term "metal-to-metal" = MT (or same as body material) would be used . Please consult the factory for a more complete list of available seat materials.

    Lets build as we go: U3JBREP

  9. Spring Cracking Pressure - Is the 8th - 11th place holders which must use a decimal as 1 of the 4 characters.
  10.   0.000 to 0.999  = .XXX
      1.00   to 9.99    = X.XX
    10.0     to 99.9    = XX.X
    NO SPRING       = NOSPRG
    Several cracking pressure options are available for each valve. Special cracking pressures are available for all valves. Spring sizes are defined by the orifice diameter of the valve. Consult the factory for price and delivery.

    Lets build as we go: U3JBREP.500

  11. Spring Material - Consists of the 12th & 13th place holders.
  12. All standard springs are 316 stainless steel unless noted otherwise: SS = 316 SS, PH = 17-7PH, HC = Alloy C-276 are some different examples. Several other materials are available. Consult the factory for your applications needs.

    Lets build as we go: U3JBREP.500SS

    Now this would be the end of most part numbers, and we have just created the Universal Low Pressure valve, 1-1/2" in Brass material with an EPDM o-ring and 1/2psi stainless spring. But some part numbers require the 14th & 15th place holders to be used. Those are the special options.

  13. Special Options - The 14th & 15th place holders for the P/N are not used unless your valve style or additional options apply.
  14. T = FEP ENCAPSULATED SPRING is the most common special option but others may apply; -C = Compression Tube (for valve style MCV). Please see your specific valve style HOW TO ORDER sheet or contact your sales representative for more information.

The Check-All Valve sales team is always happy to help you build your favorite Check-All part number. You may also find the Check-All part number on your order acknowledgement or on your Check-All invoice.

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